Johanne Bridgman

Associate Director – Geoenvironmental: BSc (Hons) Engineering Geology

Johanne is a Chartered Geologist with over 20 years experience in brownfield and contaminated land regeneration for public and private sector clients. Johanne has worked for several multidisciplinary consultancies undertaking ground investigations, geo-environmental assessments and project management to enable a broad range of development and regeneration projects throughout the UK. Johanne has been with HSP since 2012 and oversees a variety of projects for educational, commercial and residential end use.

Johanne also has experience of a range of more complex redevelopment projects including closed landfills, large scale earthworks, colliery spoil tip restoration and treatment of abandoned mine workings.

Johanne Bridgman

Managing Director
Johanne Bridgman
Construction Excellence National Awards

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