Traffic & Transport

HSP Consulting’s Traffic and Transport team can prepare a number of transport studies during the planning process, and work closely with both our Civil’s and Infrastructure Teams to provide a comprehensive service for our clients.

Our expertise helps to assist clients from initial feasibility to planning approval and then to implementation; working closely with our Civils and Infrastructure teams. We can undertake the necessary consultation with the Local Planning and Highway Authorities, Stakeholders and the public to ensure developments achieve a positive recommendation at planning.

HSP’s Traffic and Transport Team have expertise in the following:

  • Transport Statements / Transport Assessments
  • Sustainable Travel Plans
  • Transport Feasibility Studies
  • Transport / Access Technical Notes
  • Traffic Modelling / Junction Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Access / Design Drawings
  • Swept Path Analysis / Vehicle Tracking
  • Managing Traffic Surveys
  • Site Masterplanning
  • Public Consultations and Expert Witness
  • Microsimulation Modelling

Traffic & Transport Services

Transport Statements & Assessments

  • A Transport Assessment (TA) is required by Local Highway Authorities to support planning applications where a development could have significant transport implications. This is typically any sized development that will generate over 30 two way vehicle trips during the peak hour; and therefore will have a significant impact on the highway and public transport network.
  • A Transport Statement (TS) is typically a less detailed assessment to that of a TA, whereby there are lower levels of traffic generated by a development proposal which does not warrant a full TA being prepared.
  • At HSP, we aim to deliver Transport Statements and Transport Assessments that are clear, well structured and technically sound from the perspective of both the Local Highways Authority and also the general public; as readers of the transport studies.

Sustainable Travel Plans

  • A Travel Plan (TP) is a progressive document that sets out initiatives and targets to reduce or limit the number of vehicles to a development and maximise use of walking, cycling and public transport. A Framework TP is required to be submitted for all planning applications that require a TA.
  • HSP Consulting’s Traffic and Transport Engineers can undertake both Travel Plans and Transport Statements / Assessments simultaneously to provide the necessary transport studies to support a planning application. This provides an integrated approach whereby all transport requirements are addressed.
  • HSP can assist organisations to implement their Travel Plans and develop site specific initiatives to increase sustainable travel amongst site users and reduce demand on car parking. We are also able to monitor and review a Travel Plan throughout its lifetime to comply with planning conditions and company environmental policies.

Transport Feasibility Studies

  • Our Traffic and Transport Team have experience in preparing Transport Feasibility Studies for a range of developments , which assists clients during the pre-application planning process.
  • The Transport Feasibility Studies aim to highlight both transport and access constraints / opportunities for development proposals; which in turn assists developers with site selection helping to reduce risks and increase profitability.

Access Technical Notes

  • HSP Consulting’s Traffic and Transport Engineers can review and design site access points based on the development needs, environmental constraints, land availability, topography and relevant local and national standards and guidance.
  • Where a development does not require a TS or TA but involves a change in access use or design, HSP consulting can liaise with the Local Highways Authority and demonstrate the suitability of a design. To support this design proposal, an Access Technical Note can be prepared and submitted with any respective planning application.
  • Where a development does not warrant a Transport Statement / Assessment, a Transport Technical Note may be requested by the Local Highways Authority. HSP can prepare Transport Technical Notes for any scheme, which intend to demonstrate the suitability of a development proposal from a transport / highways perspective with this being supported by a number of technical drawings.

Swept Path Analysis

  • Swept Path Analysis (commonly referred to as ‘Vehicle Tracking’) is used to simulate the paths and turning movements of vehicles on a drawing.
  • Performing swept path vehicle tracking assists to ensure a layout is workable from a highways perspective and helps to demonstrate that all anticipated vehicles from a development proposal can fluidly enter and exit the site layout. Following the undertaking of swept path vehicle tracking, site layouts can be adjusted accordingly so the scheme is workable.
  • Visibility Splay drawings can also be prepared by our Traffic and Transport Team; highlighting that the appropriate visibility sightline splays for the subjected speed limit of the road can be achieved for any new or upgraded access arrangement being considered. These drawings are typically used to support an Access Technical Note outlined above.
  • In addition to visibility splay drawings, we can review, edit and provide feedback to any provided site layout to ensure that the design is workable from a transport and highways perspective.

Junction Design and Modelling

Our Traffic and Transport Team can perform all types of Design and Modelling including the below:

  • Modelling of Priority Junctions and Roundabouts (ARCADY / PICADY)
  • Modelling of Signalised Junctions and Roundabouts (LINSIG / TRANSYT)
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Simulation Modelling
  • Designing and assessing deliverable and cost effective junction or road improvements
  • Designing Ghost Island / Right Hand Turn Lanes / Signalised Junctions / Roundabouts and minor work improvements to Highways. This is performed in liaison and close partnership with our Civils and Infrastructure teams.

Transport Surveys

Our Traffic and Transport Engineers can undertake or arrange a wide number of transport surveys as below which are typically required to support a Transport Statement / Assessment or Transport / Access Technical Notes.

We can also assist in managing and delivering both Air Quality Assessments and Noise Assessments to provide an integrated approach during the planning process for our Clients.

We can also assist in managing and delivering both Road Safety Audits (Stage 1, 2 and 3), Air Quality Assessments and Noise Assessments to provide an integrated approach pre and post planning for our Clients.

  • Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC)
  • Junction / Video Turning Counts (MCC)
  • Radar Speed Survey
  • Pedestrian and Cycle Surveys
  • Public Transport Surveys
  • Parking Capacity Assessments
  • Aerial / Drone Surveys
  • Travel Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Journey Time Surveys
  • ANPR Surveys

Infrastructure Services

Mark Blackburn

Associate Director
Mark Blackburn

Closely working with both our Civils and Traffic and Transport Team, the Infrastructure Team have expertise in the following:

  • Designing road layouts / major and minor junction arrangements for both the Local Authority and Private Clients.
  • Technical Design Drawings for Section 184 / 278 Agreements.
  • Liaison with the Local Highways Authority to ensure highway related conditions are discharged accordingly.
  • Managing Road Safety Audits (Stage 1, 2 and 3)
  • Swept Path Vehicle Tracking.

Additional Services


  • Adoptable Highway Design including Section 278, 38 & 184 works
  • Private access design
  • Adoptable drainage design
  • Private drainage design
  • Swept path analysis
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Surface & foul water drainage strategies
  • Earthworks
  • Cut/fill appraisal
  • Value Engineering
  • Tender Support


  • Ground Investigation
  • Value Engineering
  • 3-Dimensional Modelling & BIM
  • Structural Steelwork Frames
  • Reinforced Concrete Frames
  • Multi-Storey Masonry Design
  • Structural Appraisals
  • Refurbishments
  • Bridges
  • Temporary works
  • Buildings & bridges
  • Railways
  • Waterworks
  • Underground structures

Geotechnical & Environmental

  • Phase I Preliminary Sources Study
  • Phase II Detailed Intrusive Ground
    Contamination Investigation
    Remediation Strategy
  • Statement & Validation of Remedial Works
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Assessment
  • Ecology Surveys
  • Arboricultural Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Asbestos Management, Refurb & Demolition Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Utility Surveys

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