Costa Coffee and Co-op Food Store, Irthlingborough

  • Client:

    Shepherd Developments

  • Location:


  • Contractor:

    Geda Construction Ltd

  • Value:

    £10 million

Project overview

HSP undertook a detailed site investigation for the proposed Costa Coffee, Co-Operative Food Store and an adjacent housing scheme on-site. The location where Costa Coffee was situated had significant depths of fill with a deep basement to the neighbour’s property adjacent to our site. Consequently, a raft foundation was utilised for the steel framed structure.

The Waitrose unit was extremely close to all of the site boundaries and as such party wall approvals were required for the mass concrete foundations. The housing site was some 2 metres lower adjacent to the co-op and consequently, a 2 metre high retaining wall was required. Due to the lowered depth on the site for the housing, mass concrete foundations to the rock strata were adopted as the rock was some 500mm below ground level.

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